Tuesday, 21 May 2013

On the train to border area between Austria and Germany

Dienstag, Tuesday
Train Station in Salzburg.

Travelling this morning on DB from Salzburg to Munich en route to Füssen to see the castles of Ludwig II of Bavaria. We hope for good weather, so far it is sunny but it looks like in Füssen the weather is much colder around 15C and a mix of sun and clouds. Füssen is on the border with Austria and near the border with Switzerland. The Ski Station of Garmish-Partenkirche is only a few kilometers away.

It was a wonderful Festival in Salzburg, we had a great time. Said our goodbyes to Mr. Lackner the manager of the Hotel Bristol and sent our good wishes to his mother, who we know, and is now retired and living in Vienna. We are considering coming back in May 2014 for the next edition of the Music Festival which will be dedicated to the composer Rossini. The Festival starts a day earlier on Thursday and of course we will return to the Bristol. Some clients like Dr. Malkin who has been coming for years as told us that he has already booked his tickets. The tickets for next year's festival are going on sale today and like in the past, I suspect that most tickets will be sold by next week. Cecilia Bartoli is bringing many big opera names, many retired, but the mere fact that they will be there for a Charity Gala evening to help local children in the Salzburg region, is most likely to attract people. Some of the artists are Teresa Berganza, Montserrat Caballé, José Carreras, Rugero Raimondi, Erwin Shrott and many more. The Gala dinner is catered by one of the best restaurants in the world, Arzak which has 3 Michelins Stars to its name. The chef Elena Arzak will prepare dishes associated with Rossini.

They are presenting 3 operas, La Cenerentola and Otello with Bartoli and Il Barbiere di Siviglia which will be at the Marionette Theater. Petite Messe Solennelle, a Lied Matinee and many other offerings, including a Kino (cinema) of Rossini Opera movies by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle featuring rare footage of Tito Gobbi. A good diverse program. See the link for the Festival, http://www.salzburgfestival.at/

entrance lobby of the Grosses Festspiele Haus, Salzburg.

back of the University Church, Salzburg under renovation still.

Salzburg old town.


  1. What a star lineup for next year! Maybe I should start saving.


  2. CP we are returning to Salzburg in 2014 so if you want to come with us do save your $$$ it is not that expensive but do buy your tickets now.

  3. I saw Salzburg once when in college; but I was a poor student and did it La Boheme style. I would like to return to do more 'civiilized' touring - with proper austrian wines.

    1. Well worth the return trip. You would enjoy it.