Saturday, 4 May 2013

Summer is here now!

Well we had a classic Spring time we are told and on 1 May we switch to Summer overnight. Beautiful sunny hot days, nice breeze so far. Got the car washed inside out today, they did a good job, got the rugs shampooed and vacuum etc.. to remove all the Winter dirt. I also changed my wardrobe from Winter to Summer and put away all the Wintery clothing. Dogs are going to the groomer for their Summer trim and started the flea and ticks treatment. It is hot in the sunshine and the Tulips and Daffodils are out just in time for the Tulip Festival which started today in Ottawa. There was an antique car parade down the Driveway, beautiful Rolls Royce convertible and Bentley circa 1959. Some Jaguar same vintage and Corvettes 1960 they looked like real sports car then. There was also 2 Citroen DS which I did not know still existed in Canada, the Citroen DS was the favourite car  of General DeGaulle of France. This Sunday there is a Marathon, the roads around us and Pretoria Bridge is closed from 7am to 2pm, this type of closure is very common in the Summer time. I like it because our neighbourhood becomes very quiet.  All the restaurants have re-opened their terraces. So it is now Summer.


  1. did you say aqua men.... we also have a lot of sunbathers being so near to the University campus.

  2. Amen! but let's keep the temperatures low enough to be able to enjoy those tulips and daffodils for a while yet.


  3. I see one of the labels for this post is "nudity" -- isn't that a bit of false advertising since this post had none to speak of?

    1. I was trying something out here for statistical purposes. It seems to have worked.