Saturday, 25 May 2013

Returning home

We left Frankfurt am Main on Friday on a direct Air Canada flight to Ottawa. I was happy for a direct flight because it is 8hrs long. I did not want to fly to Toronto or Montreal because that would have meant another connecting flight, though very short to Ottawa.
We arrived in cold weather only 12C not warm, today it is a bit warmer and this week we will go back to normal seasonal weather around 27C.

The puppies were very happy to see us, Nora cried as she always does and then had to go out for a pee. Nicky was also happy to see us but he does not cry. Since our return they have been watching us very closely.

Happy to be home back in our home bed. Our Friend B.P. who was looking after the puppies did a fantastic job and even cleaned and did some plumbing repair for us, just amazing.

The flight back was fine, except that as we were flying over New Brunswick in Atlantic Canada, a female passenger fell ill and lucky for her, two doctors on board came to her help, she was given an IV drip and oxygen. I later heard the crew say that she was ill due to not eating for 25 hours prior to the flight,  a case of low sugar and shock.

We arrived on time, met by an ambulance and paramedics who took care of the sick lady.
Today just relaxing at home, not doing much, a little washing but that is all.  I do have to go on a diet and will probably return to my diet I followed in Italy, small portions and a lot of vegetables and small amounts of meat 100gr daily, no desserts only fresh fruits and lots of water, I would say I need to loose about 16 lbs or 8 Kg.

This weekend 25-26 May is Marathon weekend throughout the centre of Ottawa and along the Canal across the Outaouais River and back, the race is spread over two days, meaning that major roads are closed off and no parking is allowed.  


  1. It's always sweet to come home again, isn't it? Welcome back.

  2. Will you be running in this Marathon ?

    1. You are a funny one, are you kidding me? No I prefer to watch from my balcony. I never run, I prefer to leave on time as Lafontaine would say. I am sure some social study as been made of why we invented this sport in modern times, there as to be some social motivation of some kind for modern man.

    2. Mark Twain said the only exercise he benefitted from was smoking and resting. "I see no benefit in being tired"