Thursday, 23 May 2013

Füssen, Augsburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Frankfurt am Main.

Today is train travelling time, we left at 11:05 for Augsburg and will change train there so we can reach our destination of Frankfurt Airport Train Station. We will stay over night at the Airport and hope to be able to board a flight for Toronto, Montreal or Ottawa the next day. We may have to travel separately depending on the availability of seats.

Germany like many other European countries has a good train service which connects to other countries. Train Stations in Cities have many services for travellers open all day, such as restaurants offering a choice other than the ubiquitous fast food chains, help for the elderly or for passengers needing assistance boarding or leaving a train, there is a Police Station in each Stations and hotels are at or near the train station. DB trains now in cooperation with Telecom offers hot spot service on its trains. There is also a car restaurant on ICE and other long distance trains with a varied menu. The general or detailed information on trains is available and is easy and clear to understand.

Frankfurt Airport Rail Terminal below the main Airport Terminal.

We have enjoyed our trip very much and though the weather was cold at times, unseasonably so and a bit rainy, we had great days of sunshine and high temperature. We are coming back to Salzburg in 2014, we have our tickets already for the next Festival. But in 2014 we also want to do the cruise on the Volga river from Moscow to St-Petersburg which is quite beautiful I am told.

Looking forward to seeing our little Dachshunds at home. We are sure they missed us. I can just see Nora crying and yelping as we arrive home. Nicky is more for the quick hello but will then stick to us like glue for a few days. They will be quick to want to re-establish the routine as if we had never left.

Arrived in Frankfurt Airport Rail Terminal at 17:06, very pleasant ride on the ICE train of DB. 
Hilton Hotel is on the fifth floor, just ride the elevator to the top. BTW its not a great hotel, Hilton = problems and unhelful staff, just a so so place and convenient for a flight, there are no other reasons to stay in such a place.


  1. Have a safe and comfortable trip home!

  2. I have enjoyed your trip entries and photos. It would be nice to go back to Europe and 'do it right' rather than the college student boheme style. I wonder if I will ever find the time and money to do so? Meanwhile I have Stratford to anticipate - not many castles but the theatre is lovely.