Saturday, 4 May 2013

Summer Plans?

Well now that summer has arrived in Ottawa, we have been planning various outings. However a few weeks ago there was a curve ball, Will has not been feeling well and his doctor and the cardiologist have decided that it would be best if he underwent an angiogram this coming Monday morning at the Heart Institute. Lucky for us this is one of the leading facilities in Canada and the medical staff is quite good.

This means that our European vacation to Germany and Austria and our scheduled attendance at the Whitsun Festival in Salzburg has been postponed, the results of the medical exam on Monday will dictate what we will do next. I have a good feeling though based on what the doctor said to Will just a few days ago and the situation may be manageable.
If all goes well on Monday we will leave for Salzburg on 14 May. See website;

We have also looked at going to Glyndebourne in East Sussex for the Summer Festival. I went there with Will once in 1979. There is a formal dress code in effect instituted by John Christie founder of the Festival, if you read about the Festival you will see a whole section about what you have to wear. A meal is either provided or you can bring a picque-nique, we had a wonderful meal at intermission, it is all very civilized. See website,
We thought we could stay around Lewes. From London you go by train, so much more simple.

Then in August, we plan to go to Stratford, Ontario for the theatre festival which has been going on every Summer now for 60 years concentrating mostly on Shakespeare plays. It brings an international audience and the cast of well known actors playing at the Festival is one of the attraction.
see website,
At the same time we will meet fellow bloggers from Arizona who come to Canada each year to attend the theatre festivals at Niagara-on-the-lake and at Stratford.

But all of this depends very much on what will happen on Monday at the Heart Institute. We will be very thankful if the Moirai or Fates, Klotho, Lakhesis and Atropos smile on us once again.

In the meantime we created our little garden today overlooking the Rideau Canal. Tonight we go to the National Arts Centre to see the ballet Sheherazade created by Michel Fokine (1880-1942).


  1. I hope Will's angiogram goes well on Monday and that you can both jet off to Europe as planned!

    My Rare One and I went to the Stratford Festival a few years ago and loved it. Hopefully some day we'll make it there again! Stratford is such a charming town and the Festival is great, of course!

  2. I so hope to meet you two this year.
    We run into more Canadians - here and there - who have never been to Stratford yet they lived in Canada and often nearby. I thought the Festival was a national treasure, but I guess not so, or not enough to have all of Canada go there at least once in their lives.
    Do show: I will show you around and I promise promise promise not to get you a Tim-bit.

    1. I think it is like Parisian and the Eiffel Tower, they live in the City and they see the tower every day in the distance but have never been there actually. Stratford is the same, yes I know it is there, but I just have not been yet. LOL!!!