Thursday, 23 May 2013

Before we close the topic just a few more pictures.

Yesterday the rain stopped for a few hours and we went walking around Füssen, a small town of 14K people. Lost at the foot of the Alps in the Allgau region (Tirol).

It is a charming little town about 2000 years old which saw a Roman garrison in the first century establish itself there. It became a booming town when Ludwig II decided to start building his own castle. That brought Royalty from Russia and elsewhere to Füssen and suddenly this little sleepy village  was on par with Vienna, Paris and London. But because of the Via Claudia Augusta built by the Romans in Antiquity Füssen has always been on an important trade route, it is connected to Augsburg and Innsbruck.

Today millions of tourists come here every year to see the Castles.

Hohe Castle
 Monastery of St-Mang, the Patron Saint of Füssen since 900 AD.
 a drugstore on Via Claudia Augusta
 Fountain to Kaspar the luth maker and his family 1541.
 An old Church
The Baker's fountain 

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