Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Nicholas and Eleonora di Capena

Dogs are funny creatures, at least for us humans. Anyone who has lived with dogs will notice how they observe everything humans do. They know the sounds of our foot steps, of our voice, friendly or angry, the inflection of our voice and some important core words, our mood swings and they also know when you are leaving for business or pleasure days ahead of time.
They have been behaving strangely, they have figured out that we are leaving for Europe in 6 days, they know. But how? They just know, strange really, most humans would not have a clue unless you bash them over the head and still, dogs know, as they observe everything we do.

So today and yesterday both got groomed for the summer, I really enjoy it when they returned freshly groomed. Here are some pictures of them today on our living room sofa, they love it, so soft for the them to sleep on.

Nicholas on the left side and Eleonora (Nora) on the right.

little hunting dogs capable of taking on a wild boar in a forest or bigger game. They have no fear.


  1. And they have you well trained, I am certain !

    1. Yes they are very willful like all Dachshunds. You can see it in the looks they give you. Nora is also very vocal she can talk to you.