Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bornholm Island, Denmark

We arrived in the morning early at the town of Ronne on the island of Bornholm which is located on the North East point of Denmark, close to the coast of Sweden. Population of this island around 40,000 people and diminishing. The main industry in the summer is tourism and smoked herring. It is very green, it has nice Danish houses and stone churches. We visited a Smoke House in Hasle and ate herring with a glass of beer. It was good as a snack but not something I would make into a meal, though it is a good source of protein. We then proceeded to Jorn or George the butcher who lives on a farm in a lovely country setting, the farm buildings date back to 1500. We sampled some excellent meats, a real delight. Visited the production line and saw how meats where cured or smoked, an interesting process. 
Fish smoke house on Bornholm
Smoked Herring
Jorn the Butcher in his shop.
We walked in the village of Gudhjem (godhouse) full of half timbered buildings painted in yellow and orange, very typical of this part of Denmark.
15th century farm house on Bornholm
a typical house in Gudhjem
Danish flag

I can see why Bornholm is a nice summer retreat and a pleasant holiday destination for Danes. Tonight we sail for Helsinki, Finland and this will take us a day and a half to get there at the other end of the Baltic. So I am spending my day at the SPA.


  1. so beautiful..

    can you check a telephone directory and see if there are any Roycroft's?...

  2. Unfortunately no because it is all in Danish and our excursion does not allow us to do that. Also I got your email one day later so we are now in Helsinki.