Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tomorrow Frankfurt and then Amsterdam

Tomorrow Sidd, W and I fly to Frankfurt for our holiday cruise on the Baltic. Sidd is a world traveller, he has been to many odd and strange places and now he is embarking on a new adventure.

Sidd has packed his bag and he is ready. So stay tuned for much more details. Nicky and Nora are gone to summer camp in Greely, boating is not for them, they could not see the point, no squirrels on board to chase around. I did not mention the non-stop buffet, I know they would just love a bit of roast beef and some turkey and all kinds of other good things.


  1. how exciting - is there a place you two haven't been/seen or lived?

    1. yes lots of places but on this trip we will cover parts we have not seen yet.