Thursday, 21 June 2012

Tallinn, Estonia

From St-Petersburg we sailed overnight to Tallinn. The moment we arrived in Tallinn it reminded me of Quebec City, old stone houses, fortifications, cobble stone streets, many fine restaurants. Tallinn has a population mix of Russians and Estonians. Prior to the Second World War, few Russians lived in Tallinn but Staline deported many ethnic Estonian children and women to Siberia to make room for Russian or so called Soviet families.

Tallinn is a beautiful small city and well worth the visit, it is also forward looking and modern like any European city. There was some confusion on our ship about the currency in use in Estonia but we quickly discovered the EURO is the new official currency. Many beautiful shops, quality goods, many nice Estonian products. We would have liked to spend more time in Tallinn to discover more of the old city. For many centuries Eastern Prussian,German and Swedish Noble families ruled in Estonia, many worked for the Tsarist government until independence in 1918 only to loose it again to the communist and Stalinist forces in 1941. Several interesting old Lutheran churches and one Russian Orthodox Church dot the old city. You do need good walking shoes because the street grade can be steep at times.

We sailed too soon for Stockholm.

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