Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday night Concert in London

The Prince of Wales gave a very fine speech this evening after the concert in front of Buckingham Palace.
The crowds of well wishers could easily have been estimated at 2 million given that close to that number lined the Thames river on Sunday to see the Pageant of 1000 boats. Prince Charles took some liberty by calling Her Majesty, Mommy but it was very well received, the Queen did look somewhat surprised but it was a party and a celebration and the crowds love it.

As the Royal Anthem was played and the crowd sang along, the Queen was visibly moved by it all. The beacon she lit on the Mall was 6 meters high, quite the flame and the fireworks were spectacular.
A wonderful evening.


  1. What an event; I enjoyed it more than the weddings.

  2. I remember when there was some great Royal Event and they were showing it in the USA(might have been the Charles and Diana marriage) and the announcer for the american station called the Queen Mum, the Queen Mom...cracked me up.