Monday, 11 June 2012

On to Kiel, Germany

Sidd on board.

The Kiel canal allows ships to avoid having to sail around the Jutland which can be often hazardous. Built in 1887 it took 8 years to build and used 9000 men. It was named Kaiser Wilhelm canal and has been a vital commercial link ever since. We are entering the canal today at Brunsbuttel and will exit at Kiel Holtenau a distance of 99.7 km, the ship will need 8 hours to complete this journey from the North Sea to the Baltic Sea. We will get off the ship once pass the main entrance lock and go Herring tasting instead, lovely fresh herring with a little glass of wine, I know Sidd is looking forward to it and so is W.
At the moment we have a red light at the entrance of the lock which is to our left, we left the North Sea and we are at the mouth of the Elba river and we are waiting for the lock pilot and the green light to allow us to proceed. Having our cabin right at the prow of the ship allows us to see the operations, we are right under the command deck. After crossing the canal we will be only a short distance from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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  1. Keep those blog posts coming Laurent. I love reading about your trip.