Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Today at St-Paul's

It was somehow strange and sad to see Her Majesty today walking alone behind the Lord Mayor carrying the Pearly Sword as she entered St-Paul Cathedral. It was her choice to walk by herself as she made her way to her place in the Cathedral for the Service of Thanksgiving. In the past she has always been accompanied by Prince Philip and given that he is in hospital it was a different image, one never seen in 60 years. The Duke of Edinburgh will be 92 years old this coming Sunday. At the end of the service the Queen appeared pensive, maybe reflecting on how one important person was missing.

After the service a luncheon was given at Westminster Hall, she was accompanied by the Lord Great Chamberlain of England, Lord Cholmondeley who sat next to her at the table. Her children and grand children and spouses were sitting at other tables, in all 700 guests representing the Guilds of London were present.
Lord Cholmondeley, KCVO

We can only hope that the Prince will get better soon and be by her side.

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