Monday, 25 June 2012


We ended our cruise on AZAMARA in Stockholm. What a lovely city, the way in from the sea passes by numerous islands reminding me of The Muskokas in Ontario. The city itself on lake Malaren a little like Toronto on lake Ontario, is very green, clean and well organized with excellent public transport both on the ground and around the waterways. What also impressed us and this is often remarked upon by many Canadians who travel to Europe, in Sweden WI FI is fast, cheap and available free almost everywhere you might be. While Canada where the telephone was invented, we lag behind because of crazy monopoly rules in the hands of just a few select companies.
In Stockholm, a city built on several islands, we easily walked from one to the other. We went to the old town where the Royal Palace and the Council of State or Parliament, the Cathedral and many other beautiful buildings are located. What is nice is that there are very few cars and you can wander around at leisure. But this being the end of our trip it was time to say goodbye. We took the train from Stockholm Central Station to Copenhagen a journey of about 5 hours on a high speed train of the Swedish Train Company SJ in all comfort and yes equipped with free WI FI, the meal served on board was very good, fresh, first class quality. We cross the waters at Malmö over this spectacular bridge to Denmark. In a few minutes we were at Copenhagen airport Kastrup and then into town.

Meal service on Swedish train.

Copenhagen Central Train Station with bicycle parking lot.

We stayed in Copenhagen for a day and chose an hotel right across from Tivoli Garden. We returned to Tivoli to have dinner in the park at one of the many nice restaurants and looked in at the Chinese Peacock Theatre on the Pantomime, always fun. Tivoli has quite a few Peacocks walking around, the white peacock with no long green feathery tails are the females and the male walks amongst people in a slow walk eyeing imperiously every one. On one of the sidewalks I came face to beek with Mr. Peacock, he was not moving so I moved aside and he walked right by me.  It is a big bird and very impressive, even little kids know to step aside.

The next day we flew to Canada, Copenhagen airport Kastrup is modern with dark wood floors, airy modern design. A very nice flight, the food was good. A good vacation all around, we saw many beautiful things and had a pleasant change of scenery.
Sidd and his visiting cousin Jööhann from Stockholm. He is one of those green environmentalist type.


  1. Bonnie just figured out that her two boyfriends in Canada might be 'you'..hah..she laughed and said 'well, that's not going to do me any good.'...I'm still laughing.

    1. Well you can tell her we are very good cooks and clean house and might even do windows. Mix a good drink. She might reconsider.