Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Munich, Bavaria

In Italian Munich is known as Monaco di Bavaria not to be confused with the other Monaco the Principality. Munich is where we will spend our first night after arriving from Canada.

A city that is fascinating and has so much to offer, we have been to Munich in summer and winter. The Christmas Market is simply great and full of food and very good street food Bavarian style.

From Munich you are almost at the border with Austria and we will take the train to Salzburg.

On this trip I decided I will not blog and will simply make notes of things I wish to blog later. Am not bringing my computer, too heavy and too cumbersome, one less thing to worry about.


  1. boo his to your decision to deprive us (me) of you escapades.
    I am mad-jealous about going to Munchen; the bier alone is worth the travel.

    1. Will have to make it up to you when we meet in August, we are currently in Munich and it is lovely.