Saturday, 3 May 2014

Montreal Canadien in 6

I do not follow Hockey until this happens and then I become instantly a Hockey Fan.
We are now in the playoffs and the Montreal Canadien is playing against the Boston Bruins.
As we all know the Bruins are nasty people and underhanded and do not deserve to win the Stanley Cup. So this is why I am predicting the Montreal Canadien will win the Cup in 6 matches.

If you look closely you can see Justin Trudeau our next Prime Minister in the House of Commons sporting a Montreal Canadien jersey. While the evil Harper is suspected of supporting the Bruins.


  1. LOVE that "Rock the Sweater" video! We're cheering for Montreal too. But I hate to tell you -- this is still only Round 2 of the playoffs. Round 3 will determine the Eastern and Western Conference champions and then they will play Round 4 for the Stanley Cup. BUT GO HABS ALL THE WAY!

  2. LOL - your comment about the Bruins sounds like something I would say.
    Why is it you aren't a full-time hockey fan? I thought it was in the blood as it were.

    1. I am too much of an Aesthete for that and I say it modestly of course.