Friday, 23 May 2014

HAPPY in Sicilia or Italia

Lately I have been thinking of Palermo and how much I enjoyed traveling in Sicily. Then I saw this on YouTube, the song Happy in Catania that city which is built on the slope of Mount Etna an active volcano which dominates the whole area. Catania is an old city, founded by Greek settlers from the Island of Naxos 2800 years ago. The symbol of the City is the elephant named Liotru. I remember what a beautiful city it was, the wines and the food, what I would call new Sicilian cuisine just great. Well worth visiting and then how about Siracusa.

Mount Etna and Catania


Siracusa another Sicilian City founded by Greek settlers from Corinth 2700 years ago. Cicero use to say that it was the most beautiful of Greek cities. The Temple of Athena built 2400 years ago is today the Cathedral of the city. Also in Siracusa is the famous Greek theatre built 2300 years ago where every summer a festival of ancient Greek plays take place.

The ancient Greek amphitheatre of Siracusa seats 20,000 spectators.

Siracusa Piazza Maggiore


  1. It looks lovely although that mountain is up to no good.

    1. Well Mount Etna does erupt regularly but it is not an explosive volcano it is more of a grumbler with spectacular lava flow.

    2. This sounds like my uncle.

  2. Yes. that painterly photo makes once-devastated Catania look very attractive. though from my superficial acquaintance it isn't. Taormina disappointed - too like Tuscany, all the German tourists, only Etna reminded one of another landscape. Siracusa is something else - well I remember arriving there in one of my two Interrailing summers and being stunned by the difference from mainland Italy (the scale of the ruins! Dionysus' ear!). And I stayed in a ranch-like youth hostel, sharing a room with a sweet Swede from Uppsala, opposite the monolithic ruins of ancient Syracuse on the top of the hill.

  3. Once devastated? Was this not in the 17th century? It is not a pretty town like many others, the economy is not doing well, it was not one of our favorite cities in Sicily but nonetheless an interesting place to visit with good restaurants.

  4. 'Happy' is such an infectious and well-produced little ditty, but fear that its fate is that of 1996's 'Macarena' – loathing from overexposure. On the subject of 'Macarena', we attended all the women's soccer matches at the '96 Olympics, and it was quite a sight to see gentlemen of every description wiggling unabashedly in the stands when 'Macarena' came over the loudspeakers during breaks. Like guys dancing to The Village People's 'YMCA' at sporting events?. I NEVER understood that one;-)