Friday, 2 May 2014

Farmer's Market must be Spring

In the last 10 years there has been an explosion of Farmer's Market selling organic certified foods in and around the Capital. Once there was the ByWard Market in Lower Town below Parliament Hill and then there was the Parkdale Market but now there are many more venues. It must be Spring because the Farmer's Market calendar is out and so are the names of all the farmers and merchants involved. Ottawa has been for decades very much a town where people want organic and biological meats, cheese and produced, there is a large movement around those issues and heritage varieties have also made a strong comeback.

We also have a newish program which we discovered through our friend C.P. last summer which is a Harvest Market called Farm Works which runs all Summer and early Fall, all profits go to an organization which helps homeless young adults 16-30 years old to learn a skill about food, farming and agriculture. With this learned trade they can in turn find employment options in agriculture, horticulture or hospitality industry.

Last summer we got a lot of produce from our friend who introduced us to this program. So this year we decided to support Farm Works.

Now when Parks Canada start raising the water level on the Rideau Canal which should happen in the next few days we will know that the bad days of Winter are gone.  The Tulips have started to grow so we are looking forward to the Festival from 9-19 May 2014 which coincides with the first long weekend usually used to cleaning up the Cottage and having a bar-b-q to celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday, she's 195 years young. Canada is the last place on Earth apparently still celebrating her Anniversary.

Tulip growth in the beds on the Rideau Canal


  1. Phoenix has no farmer markets - none. What a tragedy.

    1. They are great fun and the quality of the produce, meat or cheese is wonderful. Too bad you are living in the Far West, at least there are some cute cowboys.

    2. I would rather have home-grown tomatoes.