Monday, 25 March 2013

Un peu de musique

This is a not so well known symphony, the no.2 by Tchaikovsky. A very nice piece, entitled
''Little Russian''. You may recognize some airs as the composer took his inspiration from
folkloric music of old Russia. I am not familiar with this conductor but I do like his style, Vladimir Ivanovich Fedoseyev is 81 years old. He has a long distinguish career.


  1. I enjoy Mr. T's works. I think we hear this livenext year, we signed up for another season with the PSO.

  2. I adore the 'Little Russian' (I suppose, if anything, we should say 'Ukrainian' today). It was the first work I covered for Building a Library, and you may like to know that the 'winner' was your much-admired Riccardo Muti with the Philharmonia.

    Very belated birthday greetings, too - sorry, with all the rush before leaving for Palermo, an e-card got neglected.

    1. D. we are looking forward to seeing photos of Palermo and Sicily and hear your comments on how you enjoyed it.