Saturday, 23 March 2013

it must be official now

Well I retired at the end of 2012 and I have now received my first retirement pension cheque and got my dental plan card.  It all went pretty smoothly no complications and I am happy I am retired.

Thursday was another disaster Federal Budget by the Harper government. Our Prime Minister maintains that the country is bankrupt, that we are facing the same problems as Greece and that our Fiscal Health is in danger. At the same time he lectures world leaders on how Canada has avoided the financial crisis of the last few years and how strong our Banking system is. Any sensible person knows there is no crisis and all of it is cheap politics for the gullible, unfortunately there are lots of very gullible people out there.

Also today the Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page took the Harper Government to Court, over the refusal of our Prime Minister to tell Parliament anything about the budget or cuts to services and how this will be achieved. The Prime Minister maintains that the public nor Parliament needs to know, he is governing this country and the governed (us) do not need to know a thing. I hope the Supreme Court sides with the Parliamentary Budget Officer. What is even stranger is how the Media is going along with whatever Harper says, few will challenge him, people are afraid. Harper has far too much power and he is clearly abusing it.

So I am pleased to be out of this nightmare government, I can just ignore them and vote against them come the next election. A happy retiree.
I have also been very busy at my new volunteer job and have put in a lot of hours organizing events/conferences, I do enjoy it a lot and the people are nice and fun to be with.

My birthday is coming up this Palm Sunday, it will be a low key affair, last year I was in Rome at this time.  We are going to Le Café of the National Arts Centre which has a very good chef, it has been known for many decades as a excellent restaurant in a beautiful setting along the Rideau Canal.


  1. Being "your own man" is one of the best perks of being retired, I would think! Happy Birthday and enjoy Le Café!

  2. damn...did Bush move to Canada and get elected?

  3. Our Harper says not to be worrying and eat your biscuits.