Friday, 15 March 2013

Absence and return

I was away for a few weeks in Florida were the internet does not exist or if it does it is still in a primitive state of development. Weather was cold, did get some sun and now returned to yet colder weather in Ottawa, but am happy to know that Spring is just around the corner. It is after all the Ides of March so winter is done with like old Julius Caesar.

Went to visit my brother and sister in law who now live in Clearwater which is only one part of the greater metropolis area of Tampa and St-Petersburg. Fascinated by the 6 to 8 lane streets and constant traffic, the numerous identical shopping malls and all manner of Protestant churches devote to 24-7 bible study all claiming to have the correct interpretation on large billboards. In central Clearwater you cannot miss the HQ of the Church of Scientology with its hundreds of adherents all dressed alike walking like zombies amid Church security guards. They own a lot of property in the downtown area and have killed off all other businesses. There was also the beaches North and South and the charming village of Dunedin with its Scottish association.

The baseball teams also do their Spring training in Clearwater, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Phillies were in town. This brings in lots of fans and many weekend festivals. I left just as March Spring Break was beginning, did not want to see that scene of loud drug and booze beach parties. Large very visible police presence everywhere, not to mention the U.S. Coast guard patrolling the sea and sky.

I only wish the weather had been warmer.  


  1. Florida still looks pretty good when all that's visible here is snow!


  2. Sun on sparkling sea looks good enough to me.

  3. that is one of Florida's awful secrets - it isn't warm in Jan-Feb. It's kept mum so people won't stay away.