Monday, 18 March 2013

More potpourri

In preparation for Tuesday the Holy See is now presenting more details of the new symbols ahead of the enthronement.

First a dish of pasta favoured by Pope Pius XII who was elected in 1939, Fettuccine alla Papalina (Pope's fettuccine) the sauce is made of finely chopped white onion, sliced Prosciutto, butter, 3 eggs, Parmigiano and heavy cream.

Then the new Coat of Arms of Pope Francis I, the brilliant sun is the symbol of the Jesuit order, the letters IHS represent Christ and the 3 nails of the cross. The Star is the symbol of the Virgin Mary and the grapes that of St-Joseph as representing the Universal Church. The motto (Miserando atque elegido) is taken from words spoken by Jesus in choosing St-Mathew a tax collector to follow him in his ministry. The ring in silver and gold bears the likeness of St-Peter holding the keys to Heaven.

This Coat of Arms will be displayed on the left side of every church entrance in Rome as is tradition.

Finally the Official entrance of the Apostolic Palace reserved for Heads of State who come to visit the Pope with the great staircase in the background. Tourists do not get to see this.


  1. You've got a thing for those Swiss Guards, don't you? Every day there's a new photo of them, LOL!