Sunday, 31 March 2013


Today we decided that despite the fact that it will be a quiet Easter at our home we wanted to decorate and do the traditional thing. So we have put together a menu which will include roast lamb with the roast potatoes and green beens, we will start with a giant shrimp cocktail and for dessert we have this wonderful Almond and Apple cake a recipe from our friend B.S.
It is gluten free and is wonderful. We also went to the local bakers, there are two on Elgin street a few steps from each other, both are Japanese. They make wonderful bread, cookies, pies and other special items daily.

 Making coloured Easter Eggs with food colorant
 from our favourite florist Minou at Bel Fiore Flowers on Elgin street
we found these beautiful natural flowers just sprouting out of the clay egg enchanting. This will be our table centre piece.

Russian Easter Festival Music by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The painting is Easter Procession by Illarion Pryanishnikov.

Easter this year was a simple affair, only us and one guest, but it was fun all around and the lunch was wonderful. We ate the coloured eggs.

so simple to make and it makes the table special.

But to start the day we had the traditional Hot Cross Buns

In setting the table we got special bread shaped like Easter bunnies

Our table with the Polish table cloth we purchased 14 years ago near Warsaw while we lived there.
With family tableware that is more than 65 years old and used at so many family events.

We were especially pleased with our centre table flower setting arranged by Minou of Bel Fiore accompanied by the Cristal egg with the small chick inside a gift to both of us some 35 years ago.

To accompany our espresso after the meal the Easter cookies, they are decorated gingerbread.

Today in Saint-Peter's Square, Easter Mass with Pope Francis


  1. how lovely
    we did 'nothing' really - not even a bit of chocolate - austere dieting happening here.

    1. Dieting? why? you have great buns, I mean hot cross buns.LOL!!!

    2. now when have you seen my hot cross buns?

  2. If we lived closer, I would have brought you a marzipan Paschal lamb from Palermo...Buona Pasqua!

    1. we missed having one on the table this year. You cannot find them here.

  3. You set a beautiful Easter table! Love the centrepiece, coloured eggs, decorated cookies and the rabbit-shaped bread!