Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Tomorrow is the big day

Well tomorrow is the Official opening of the Summer exhibits at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. The two exhibits mark for centennial of the First World War, 1914-2014.

Transformations A.Y. Jackson and Otto Dix

The other exhibit is entitled Witness

I have been preparing for weeks for both studying painting styles, painters and everything one needs to know about the Western Front during the First World War, the border area between France and Belgium.  Remembering the names of the battlefields like Vimy, Ypres, Arras, Flers-Courcelette, Somme, Mont Sorrel, etc....

My job will be to interpret the paintings for visitors. I will be there from 09 April to 21 September.
There are over 400 paintings from the Canadian War Memorial Fund and if you visit the National Gallery of Canada, room 215 and other rooms around the Court yard you will also see other giant canvases of the CWMF, financed by Max Aitken Lord Beaverbrook.

The two exhibits at the CWM will feature some of the paintings not all.

Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, 1 Vimy Place.

On a completely different note I also heard this piece of music and thought it had a Spring like feeling about it, reminds me of Greece for some reason, maybe more Balkan like.


  1. The exhibits sound great. I know there is a huge archive of Canadian war paintings and other art. Very fitting to mount these shows now.

  2. Replies
    1. It went very well, we had more than 350 members attending.