Monday, 21 April 2014

Next Holiday please

Well now that Easter is behind us for another year, what is next? Here in Ottawa it's the tulip Festival a gift of the Royal Family of the Netherlands who spent the Second World War in the Capital.

Already the National Capital Commission is setting up in the various parks the tulip beds and the fencing to keep the pesky squirrels out. Our Nora is doing her best to hunt them down.

Here are some photos of this year's Easter day.

 Easter flower arrangements for the table in a great porcelain egg

Pastiera Napoletana, traditional Neapolitan dessert of Easter, whole wheat berries, ricotta, essence of orange blossoms 

Home made coloured hard boiled eggs

 Bunny bread crown
Glass chick in Egg, the first gift I bought Will all those decades ago

Easter cookies

 Nora waiting for her Easter bar-b-q black squirrel she caught, nothing better

Monsieur Nicky, watching out for his roasted leg of lamb, thinking they always make me wait the stinkers


  1. Lovely idea, the Dutch-bequeathed tulipfest. PS: expected bunny ears on Nicky and Nora.

  2. What beautiful photos ... and traditions. I've never seen a bunny bread crown. Amazing!

  3. Everything you do and have is so eloquent and classy!