Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Birthday!

Monday 21 April 2014 is the Queen'a 88th Birthday. Here is the Official Birthday Portrait taken for the occasion.

H.M. Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada.

Happy Birthday to our Sovereign and very best wishes of good health! 


  1. That's a good photo. Nice to see her looking happy for a change.

  2. I hope she 'breaks the record' which I think is next year about this time?

  3. Modernity sneaks onto the monarchy in subtle ways. This is not a lens one would have ever used in the past for a portrait of HRH. It's wider angle, and thus more 'accessible' somehow. And she does looks so happy. Very nice!

  4. I think that HM is a lot happier than most of us think. I agree it is a departure from the past. Not a bad thing.