Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thinking of Greece today

I started thinking of Greece today, we use to fly to Athens in 90 minutes from Rome and the cost on Aegean Airways was fairly low.
Maybe it is because Spring so far as been cold and not exactly what one would expect. Elsewhere the weather is more pleasant. Listening to a selection of Greek songs, many are poems and I find the Greek language so rich and it has this wonderful velvet quality about it.

I am also reading at the moment a book by Joan Breton Connelly, The Parthenon Enigma, which is fascinating as it fills in the blanks of my visits to Athens for the last 20 years wondering about the many little details about the Acropolis.

Just thinking of the islands of the Aegean Sea and all the little villages, Mount Parnassos and Delphi and other places we visited touring around Attica, so very nice.

The old archaic temple of Apollo in Corinth


  1. Greek real-estate has taken a substantial hit and prices (at least for Canadians) are more reasonable than they used to be. A summer or otherwise residence in Greece is worth considering - especially on an island (Kos for example) may just be the perfect get-away place... It can easily be rented out to cover costs and perhaps even make some profits... Just some musings on my part :-) Cheers, Pawel

  2. I've never been to Greece. Not very far now. One of these days! Thanks for the beautiful music.

    1. Try Aegean Airlines they have good rates.

  3. If I had only one place to visit, one allowed 'before I die" I want to see Greece.