Friday, 18 April 2014

Passover, Easter

This holiday unites two great religion, Judaism and Christianity through biblical text and music. Pesach for the Jews is about the Exodus from Egypt a re-birth as a people and liberation from slavery in a foreign land. The Israelites saved their new born from the last of the 7 plagues visited upon Egypt by marking their thresholds with lamb's blood. A symbol which re-appears in Christianity.

For Christians it is about Resurrection of the Messiah and Salvation and the promise of Life after death. Religious texts are united in the Eternal promise of God the Father of a Messiah and of Paradise.

In Christian homes roast of lamb is the traditional meal of Easter Sunday.
Easter also is associated with Spring re-birth of nature. We went to the Tenebrae Service on Wednesday evening at the Ottawa RC Cathedral on Sussex Drive. The musical setting by Mgr John E. Ronan with the combined Male Choirs of the University of Ottawa, Notre Dame Cathedral and Alumni of the St-Michael Choir School. The Lessons by Matthew, John, Luke, Peter, Isaiah, were read by 8 women. The service was presided by the Archbishop of Ottawa, Mgr Terrence Prendergast,S.J.

Chag Pesach Sameach!

Happy Easter!