Thursday, 6 February 2014

Dedicated to our Athletes in Sochi

On the eve of the Opening of the Olympic games in the old USSR, I mean Russia, I really don't see much difference.  I dedicate this song to the athletes in the hope that despite the controversy even before the opening, not to mention the sites are not really ready, some good might come of this orgy of  money 51 Billion $ to make a point, n'est ce pas Vladimir.

Here is Beatrice Lillie, Lady Peel from Toronto to sing There are Fairies at the bottom of the Garden.

In Ottawa our Mayor Jim Watson has announced that at City Hall the Gay Pride Flag will be flying during the length of the Olympic Games in Sochi. 


  1. The perfect song for an imperfect (to say the least) games. Fortunately the start at least has only increased the pressure - not least a letter to the Guardian from 200 plus writers of PEN condemning Putin's human rights record. Your great Margaret Atwood among them, as one would expect.

    The most priceless utterances so far have been from the Mayor of Sochi - 'there are no homosexuals in Sochi' - and Putin (come to the games, gays, but don't touch our children).

  2. David, Russia is hiding a more serious problem that of orphaned and abandoned children, not just dogs roam the streets of old Russia. This focus on children is highly hypocritical and shows us a close minded uncaring society.

  3. I just read that one of the illuminated Olympic Rings in the opening ceremonies failed to light up. If that doesn't prove that God is gay, I don't know what does.

  4. I'm not sure it's a more serious problem when gay people in Russia are being mutilated, tortured and murdered at a green light from the government, and teenagers are committing suicide, but it's an abhorrent one - and of even longer standing. Was worst after WW2 which isn't to say it's not terrible now.

  5. “In Ottawa our Mayor Jim Watson has announced that at City Hall the Gay Pride Flag will be flying during the length of the Olympic Games in Sochi.”

    We have no such enlightenment in these parts. As to the opening ceremonies in Sochi, I guess the clampdown was pretty effective on ‘statements’ during the proceedings, though I did spot one of the teams wearing gloves with each finger a ‘diverse’ hue. Wonder if they were packed off to the gulag.

    1. Yes our Mayor is in an election year and he is a popular guy. So one person Tweeted to him that his decision to fly the Pride flag was a bad one, won't be voting for you. Watson replied I do not want your vote. His response was cheered and went viral. Pride flags also fly in Montreal, Quebec City and other cities in Canada's City Hall. In Toronto the Crack Addict Mayor Rob Ford made some homophobic comments and tried to have the flag removed but City Council turned against him.