Saturday, 8 February 2014

The largest Winter Carnaval in the World 60th Anniversary in Quebec City

For the last 60 years Quebec City host the largest Winter Carnaval in the World.

It is quite a lot of fun and there are many activities.

The mascot is Bonhomme Carnaval. I remember from my days when we lived in Quebec City in 1961 what a big deal this was, with the Ice Palace and Ice sculptures, the long toboggan ice slide on the Dufferin Terrace, the numerous outdoor parties, the music and the Ball of the Carnaval Queen, the fantastic Night Carnaval Parade, etc...

  Bonhomme Carnaval, Quebec City.

The website of the Carnaval de Québec


  1. What is the French for 'jolly good fun!" ?

  2. bien amusant!
    hohoho (is the French ohlala?)

  3. hohoho is hihihi in French. Oh là là is french for the Spanish Ohala which in turn comes from the original in Arabic hamdullilah.

  4. What an experience this would be. Sadly, I haven't been to Quebec since 1966!