Monday, 17 February 2014

A must see at the National Gallery of Canada

I had the good fortune of seeing this painting by Thomas Couture in the conservation area of the National Gallery a few months ago as it was being restored by Fiona Beckett. It caught my eye immediately, it is a big canvas, full of colour and quite interesting as a subject.
I am happy to read in our local newspaper that it is now on display at the National Gallery in Ottawa.

It underwent a restoration as is explained here by Stephen Gritt one of our outstanding curators at the NGC. He is the one who discovered in the vault of the museum a forgotten Titian thought to be a copy. Through his studies of the painting he was able to establish that it was an original and saved it from the garbage can.

The Souper à la Maison d'Or it is also known as Each party has its end by Thomas Couture was painted in 1855. It is now on display for a long term loan from the Vancouver Art Gallery, I believe the time frame of the loan is 35 years. It is well worth seeing, as the subject is very interesting.


  1. I wants to see Ottawa; I wants to see this Museum.

  2. Got good news today, I have also an additional job this summer as a docent at the Canadian War Museum. There will be a special exhibit on the War paintings of battlefields in Europe where Canadian soldiers fought. All were made in 1917 and have not been seen since. So I am really looking forward to the training for that job.
    You should come up with David.

  3. Spectacular. I can't imagine what it must be like to discover a treasure like this stashed away somewhere. It's a marvel to consider what else is unknowingly stored in museums and universities.