Friday, 28 February 2014

100,000 views + and my nomination for best Foreign Film at the OSCARs

I have had this blog since 2007, I did not write anything in 2008 and then started to write in earnest ever since on various topics of interest to me.

Today I surpassed the 100,000 view mark, a milestone of people viewing my blog from around the world. The largest readers are from the USA and then Canada followed by Russia, UK, Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Poland.
I am quite happy with that number and with people reading and on occasion commenting. Thank you to my readers.

On another topic, the Oscars are this weekend, I usually pay very little attention to the Oscars, to me it is not on the same level as other Film Awards and often looks biased. However this year I do hope that the Italian film of Paolo Sorrentino, La Grande Bellezza (the great beauty) will win the prize for best Foreign Film. The actors are well known, Toni Servillo, Carlo Verdone and Sabrina Ferilli.

I absolutely loved this film and it made me cry, which does not happen often at movies, if ever.
Maybe because Will and I lived in Rome and feel that Rome to us is like our home, we have been taken by the eternal beauty of the Città but also the life of the City and so many other facets that make it a wonderful place.

In the final closing moments of the film, the camera cruises the Tiber going towards the Vatican and the bend in the river, going under several bridges I crossed many times, I can name them, the buildings are all very familiar, the last building to appear is the Mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian known as Castel San Angelo which is featured in the final scene of the Opera Tosca.

Maybe Rome is the great beauty or maybe it is for Jep something else. At any rate I am very happy I saw this movie and hope to see it again soon.

Che piacevole film


  1. On your recommendation I'll catch this movie if it ever comes to Edmonton! Hey, we have a film society. It might.

  2. Yahoo!
    May there be 100,000 more and then some!

  3. A sour note: why the hell didn't it make it to the Best Film category? My colleague Matt Wolf assures me it qualified, as did Peter Haneke's Amour the previous year. Shame on the ghettoisation and bah humbug to the meaningless Oscars.

    Anyway, we get Toni Servillo, the star, acting in and directing a De Filippo play at the Barbican later this month. Do watch him in an earlier Sorrentino masterpiece, Il Divo.

    1. I was sure it made it to best Foreign Film. I wonder if it is because of the competition?

  4. Thank you for recommending 'La Grande Bellezza'.
    Watched it this past weekend. Remarkable!
    But those Italians talk so very fast!
    Subtitles whizzing by!

    1. Jep is sitting in front of this statue of a river God, the statue actually exist in Rome. It's the river god Tiber, there is also a Nile river god. Bear category.