Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Who is a celebrity?

Not having a television at home now for several years means that we do not follow regular programming of any kind. We also do not go to main stream cinema, the big release with this or that Hollywood actor or actress is of little interest to me to the point that I often do not know who they are  when they are mentioned in the news. Neither do I care, the reason being that a good actor will get to be known on his or her merit and for the body of his or her work. To be famous because you have a certain physical look or good plastic or dental surgery does not make talent nor interesting personality.

Then you have celebrities who embrace a cause, you name the cause. Yes a good idea as long as it does some good or raises a profile but beyond that I question the motivation. A celebrity flies in to visit a camp full of poor people in the middle of nowhere and has pictures taken. Another is pictures with animals another with sick children. All good to raise awareness but again what is the long term value of such gestures given the world we live in where a new cause emerges everyday. At a recent Hockey game, the team used it's celebrities to gather from the fans 26,000 teddy bears to be given to poor children. A nice gesture, but given that in Canada, we are told one million children live in poverty and the numbers are growing, many in the public asked would food and warm clothing have been a better option or of more lasting value than some teddy bear?

The celebrities I know but do not follow every breath, are usually personalities who are in the theatre, opera or dance world, writers, musician or persons who left a mark on our world by tangible accomplishments. TV personalities I do not care for, movie actor and actresses, I appreciate are mostly elderly or dead or very well established with a large body of work. Sports personalities I do not care for either, they are playing a game, they have talent but beyond that no I am not interested.

So when one of those so called celebrities dies like this week in a fiery car crash and the name is on every possible news story, I ask who is this? Likely to be forgotten in a year or so. To me it is fabricated celebrity status made up by the Media, telling us this person is a celeb. Nothing new here really it has always been thus, though now it is in overdrive, perfectly ordinary people and people who behave badly can become celebrities for the power to shock.

I also do not believe that winning an Oscar is proof of talent or celebrity status. Though we are told this is the mark of achievement in the North American Movie Industry.

So I consider myself free of celebrities, I know of people whose name are household commodities, some I may consider to be famous for what they have done but nothing more. It will certainly not condition my view, attitude or behaviour based on a celebrity.

Maybe not having a television helps in bringing peace and order in how one thinks, you have time to focus on something else instead of a box or screen talking to you with the constant parade of celebrities and experts.

At Christmas time, I do like a lot of people enjoy my peace and quiet, a time for reflection, so doing without lots of electronics and intrusion from so-called celebrities, is a blessing in itself.


  1. I like your notion of Christmas; alas, I shan't have that version as I am going to see all my relations!
    I think you are a celebrity in a way.

    1. Are you trying to butter me up?

    2. Can I have your autograph?

    3. You are trying to butter me up, naughty. I will send you an autograph picture in a silver frame for your mantle piece.

  2. Which celebrity died this week in a 'fiery car crash'? You see, I have no idea. I don't go out of my way to avoid the news, but when I don't recognise the 'celebrity' name in a paper, I usually don't read any further.