Thursday, 19 December 2013

Vieux Noël Français

From the end of the 16th century (1531-1601) this old cantiques de Noël. Allons gay bergères by Guillaume Costeley

The pronunciation is old French so it can be a bit difficult to catch unless French is your mother tongue. Though is remains beautiful by its simplicity and the beauty of its harmony at a time when Noël was still full of that ancient meaning lost to us today.

Madonna and child with a young St-John the Baptist, by Renaissance painter Santi di Tito C.1541.


  1. is old french like 'middle english'? I hear tell there are two old french - one in the north (normandy) and another in the south. Castille vs. chateau for example.

    1. you are correct Monsieur, in fact by the end of the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance both the langue Oil and Oc will merge into the French we know today.