Sunday, 8 December 2013

Our Home Christmas decorations

Well we are all set for the Holidays. E-Christmas cards are sent, I like them because they are animated.

I am the one who each year will put the Star on top of the tree, while Will plays paparazzi.

Hope you are all set for the Festive Season. My best wishes to you all for a very Happy and Blessed

 La Befana, the old women of Italian tradition who brings gifts to children while looking for the Bambino Gesu.

 Nicky watching all while relaxing.

Our Nutcracker made in the GDR in 1979, you can't really find nice wood carved ones like this one anymore. He has followed us all around the world.

 The Polish Crèche from Warsaw 1999, made by a Polish artist.

From Salzburg, lead ornaments made by Wilhelm S. Diessen company. Hand painted. 


  1. Everything you two have looks so 'quality'; no sense of plastic or cheapness.

    1. Am sure it is the same at your house.

    2. heck no - way too much plastic and cheap christmas trash.

  2. I'll ignore Spo's follow up.

    Beautiful holiday decorations though I am amazed you can get Will to stand still that long with that broom.