Sunday, 15 December 2013

Some of my favourite

There is always some Christmas music you like for whatever reason.
Here are 3 such songs I like at this time of the year.

Michael Bublé which I consider a new talent has a voice that I did not always like but with time
I have come to like him quite a lot.

This other Christmas song has a strong Foreign Service memory for me. When you are in the
Service it is not always possible to go home for Christmas and after many years home becomes a relative place, home for us ( Will and I) was where we where at the time.

So this song has memories and leads sometime to remembering past Christmases.

Finally this one by Mariah Carey which became a huge success in 2009, carries also a lot of memories for me of places I have been and what was happening at the time in the world and in our lives. I remember he the crew of the British Navy, HMS Ocean made a video of this on YouTube, it was quite funny.  We celebrated Christmas in wonderful Rome that year.

The Christmas Tree, Piazza Venezia, Rome

 Christmas tree on Via Fori Imperiali, Rome

Christmas tree in St-Peter's square 


  1. I like christmas trees like these; not the ones all gaudy and 'loud'.

    1. well you will have to post pix of your Xmas Tree à la Phoenix.

    2. As of today it is still not quite finished !

  2. Michael Bublé came on the scene as the synthesis of all the best crooners of the past. Songs like these that were made to be crooned, match made in heaven.