Sunday, 15 December 2013

Berliner Schloss

For the last 11 years I have been following the story of the re-building of the City Palace in Berlin historical centre on the Island where all the art collections of the Prussian Kings and German Emperors are located in various buildings and the Lutheran Cathedral of the City.

The City Palace was for about 900 years the Residence of the Hohenzollern Dynasty. The Palace was destroyed in part during the Second World War and completely destroyed by the Communist Government of the GDR in the 1950's.

This left a huge hole in the centre of the City and since reunification the City Government of Berlin and many private individuals have advocated that the Palace should be rebuilt to form a united architectural ensemble in that area. Finally the plan was approved at various levels of government in Germany and through a partnership of public and private funds the City Palace is being re-built.

The exterior will be a replica of the old Palace but the inside will be modern, a design by an Italian architect has been retained. It will be a cultural centre and will focus on learning, culture and the Arts.

This is what the web cam shows on 15 December 2013 on the progress of re-construction so far. It is progressing well. A similar Palace reconstruction project was completed in Potsdam city centre just a few months ago.  See the link


  1. My only time to europe was in the mid-80s when East/West Berlin was still so.
    What a marvel it must be to return to see it now.

    1. Berlin is not recognizable since re-unification. The City is truly beautiful.