Monday, 4 November 2013

The Island of Capri

We are currently in Castellamare di Stabia south of Naples. Known in antiquity as Stabia the place where Pliny the Elder died in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius exploded in the bay of Naples destroying Pompeii and Herculanum in the process.

If Stabia was a lovely village then today it is an ugly town. We are in Castellamara di Stabia only because our Captain chose prudence last night when a heavy storm passed over us on our way from Rome to Sorrento decided to stop here.

Our visit to Capri was wonderful, such a beautiful island just off the coast in front of Naples, a 55 minute jet boat ride in very choppy water. The sky was overcast and dark, when we got to Capri it was sunny and cool. Being a Sunday it was also more quiet in this off season. Population of Capri is 10,000 people, a very green island with spectacular scenery.
The Island has 5 Leading Hotels of the World which could be seen as a bit much but Capri does attract a very wealthy clientele. They are all Palaces in the grand old style with fantastic views of the Bay of Naples and Old Vesuvius or the sea and beyond.

Garden of Hotel Krupp (which was the home of the German Industrial Family) 

 Limestone rock face in the gardens of Augustus
Picola Marina Capri

Me in the Garden of Dr. Axel Munthe's House in AnaCapri

 I thought this Roman Pine looked like a sprig of Brocoli

 From the garden of the Munthe House looking at the Villa Jovis of dear old Tiberius,
you can make out the foundations of the palace and buildings. 

Here we are sitting on the balcony of our ship as the sun sets on the Bay of Naples facing Capri and listening to Noël Coward sing  ''a Bar on the Picola Marina''


  1. Drat! As I scrolled down my eyes widened with the thought of posting a comment "And did you go to the Piccola Marina?" but you beat me to it!
    Capri is where Mr. Tiberius had his residence. I hope you stopped by to say hello, in your way.

    1. You know that Tiberius quite the grumpy guy.

    2. Perhaps but he had some rather boisterous parties.

  2. Looks beautiful! I've never been to Capri but I had a Caprese Salad for dinner last night -- does that count, LOL?