Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ognissanti, 1 Novembre Commemorazione dei defunti.

On this day we commemorate the Dead and all the Saints of Christianity.  It is a holiday in Italy and in many European countries.

Cemetery Island of Capri

We went to see the exhibit at Palazzo Sciarra on the treasury of San Gennaro Patron Saint of Naples from the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral of Naples. The Exhibit opened on 30 October at the Palazzo Sciarra on Via del Corso in Rome and runs until 16 February 2014.

Sorry I do not have photos of this exhibit in Rome of the Treasury of San Gennaro, unfortunately no photos are allowed and guards are everywhere given the amount of gems and precious object on display. Do have a look at the link for info and photos.

The Treasure of San Gennaro (Januarius) devoted to him is unique in the World, formed 700 years ago by the people of Naples. The treasure is preserved in the Royal Chapel devoted to the Saint in the Cathedral of Naples since 13 January 1527 as a guarantee against external threats to the city and its people. Today a Deputation composed of 12 ancient families (Sedili) of Naples are the guardians. In total 70 pieces are on display. Spectacular pieces like the Mitre, in gilded silver, diamonds, rubies, emeralds and garnets, created my Matteo Treglia in 1714 or the Necklace of San Gennaro created by Michele Dato in 1679 in gold, silver and precious stones. The choice of gems is full of meaning, emeralds represent the union between the Sanctity of the Saint and the emblem of Eternity and Power, Rubies the blood of martyrs and diamonds an eternal Faith. The treasure of San Gennaro has a long history, which, amidst devotion and prejudice, faith and disbelief, is closely associated with the history of the Kingdom of Naples and its people.    

It is a beautiful exhibit and the wealth of the artworks which are made of solid gold and silver encrusted with thousands of precious stones is impressive. The audio guide gives a very good description of the various pieces on display. The wealth alone of the treasure of San Gennaro is breathtaking, gifts of kings and Queens of Europe to cult of San Gennaro said to be the most popular Saint with an estimated 25 million followers. On his birthday two vials of his blood are taken out of the Chapel and shown to the faithful, the blood liquefies and this brings good tidings to Naples.

Today was another beautiful day in Rome and we had lunch at a favourite restaurant La Matriciana on Via del Viminale in front of the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. The food is quite good and the decor is 1930 art deco. The restaurant owned by the same family since 1870.  We met with friends and it was very nice to have good conversation and fine food.

We also did a little shopping for shoes and shirts, you can never have enough Italian shoes or Italian made shirts.


  1. Glad you're having fun! Enjoy yourselves, you crazy kids!

  2. aren't all days beautiful, when you are in Rome?