Monday, 18 November 2013

Madrid, Sunday

We arrived on time at 13:35 at the Madrid Puerta de Atocha station which is in the centre of Madrid near the Prado Museum. We then took a taxi to the other Station Madrid ChamMartin which is a fair distance from the centre. We could have taken either the Metro or the City Train to ChamMartin but given we had so much luggage we hopted instead for a Taxi. We deposited all our luggage at the Consigna por Equipajes and then went to take the Renfe Train back into the Centre of Madrid. The train is cheap at 1.50 Euro per person for a 3 station ride, we got off at Puerta Del Sol which is one of the main Plaza of the city near the Opera house and the big department store El Corte Ingles which celebrates 160 years in business in Spain. In Spain you cannot go wrong with steak or ham, a national specialty. So we went to a favorite of ours in Madrid, De Mario on Plaza Puerta del Sol at the coner with Calle del Correo.

We always sit at the back where they have their dining room with nice white table cloth and full service. Sunday lunch in Spain is like in Italy, a family thing to do and it starts around 13:30 and last until 16:30.

We started with a glass of Pink Champagne and then ordered our food, I had a plate of roasted red peppers with a topping of fresh anchovies and then a filet of steak in a Rochefort sauce. Will had roasted red peppers with caramelized onions and blue cheese on bread, sort of like a bruscheta and then a filet of chicken breast with a mushroom sauce. For dessert nice lemon sorbet. We really like De Mario in Madrid such a nice place for lunch or dinner.

Then we went across the Plaza del Sol to the Dept Store El Corte Ingles for a bit of shopping, they offer 10% off any sales to Foreigners, just for shopping with them. They had their Xmas display up and it was great fun to walk around the 8 floors, we saw Santa Claus and said Holà!!!

We bought a few things, they do have very good prices and in some cases better than back home. I remembered that we spent New Year's Eve and New Year's day 2011 in Madrid and what fun we had, the city is beautifully decorated for the holidays. Would love to return for the Holidays in Madrid, they do celebrate a lot and the weather is just crisp and nice. They have these light displays hung over streets for several blocks in a row and at intersections they use various display of lights, a riot of Xmas colours.

Tonight from the Madrid ChamMartin Station we take the hotel-train Madrid-Paris, there is a full restaurant car and a 3 course meal is served with wines etc... served around 21:30. Arriving in Paris tomorrow around Noon time. We then change trains and take the Euro-Star from la Gare du Nord to London St-Pancras Station. We are spending a few days in London before returning to Winter in Canada.