Saturday, 23 November 2013

Some 35 years ago today, an anniversary

Well, who knew it would last this long, mind you a soothsayer many years ago in LaPaz, Bolivia where I was on an Official mission told me that it would last a lifetime. We met by chance through a friend. Strange how Fate sometimes arranges things.

We just returned from a 23 days cruise and train trip to Europe where we celebrated our anniversary. We did so and met with many of our friends in Rome and London. Today here in frigid Ottawa,  was it this cold 35 years ago, I do not think so, we think of it all. We did not have puppies back then, since we have had Bundnie and Reesie and now Nicky and Nora, all Dachshunds from around the world since one was born in Egypt, the other in Chicago and our current two in Capena just outside Rome.

We have owned two houses and rented others and lived in SQ (staff quarters) provided at high rent by  my employer on various continents.

A relationship and a life crowded with incidents and events but also with lots of happiness and wonderful memories. We can thank our lucky Star!

At the beginning on Riverside Drive

Our wedding day in the garden of our friend J.K. with our Reesie

On the Via Appia in Rome

At the summer season of the teatro del'Opera di Roma at the Terme di Caracalla.
There has been a lot of opera in our life and theatre, gourmet food, wines and good friends.

In Assisi  

At Cap Sounion near Athens 

In the gardens of the Catherine Palace at Tsarkoye Selo

Our 35 th Anniversary dinner aboard the Azamara Quest

My favorite photo of Will and Sidd at Drottningholm Palace near Stockholm, a special day since for Will it was a long held wish to visit the Theatre of the Palace built in 1665 by Nicodemus Tessin the Elder the original stage machinery designed by Donato Stopani is still intact . This visit is just one of the many happy events in our lives.


  1. How wonderful. Congratulations to you both !

  2. Happy anniversary -- you have both aged well together!