Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday in Autumn

Today was a beautiful sunny Autumn day. The air was crisp and the colours bright in the sunlight. The Rideau Canal has been emptied over the Thanksgiving Weekend another boating season has come and gone. It is now full of ducks and Canada geese who just sun themselves and pick at the fish in shallow waters.

Took a few pictures of the Canal now drained for winter, ready to be turned into a skating rink. Hopefully the weather this coming winter will be cold enough for skaters. Last year we had good weather for skating, one of the best season in 20 years.

In the meantime we can enjoy a beautiful day. I looked at the weather for Rome and it appears that 20 to 22 C is the norm at this time of year. Warmer in Spain up to 25 C. easy to take, but still at night around 14 C so a sweater is in order. I got my European Nokia phone out today and charged it. I bought it in Italy 2 years ago for a fraction of what it would cost here in Canada. This way I have a local cel phone with a Roman number so I can call friends easily in town. I also bought a chip for the UK which I can use in the same phone. The phone and chip cost next to nothing when compared to what you have to pay in Canada.

 A rose bouquet brought to us by our friend J.H. the other night, beautiful

 The water in the Rideau Canal is very clear and you can see the fish swimming about.

 One of the many old and beautiful trees along the Canal

 The George Patterson inlet branching off from the Rideau Canal

Looking South towards Lansdowne Park


  1. I miss autumn. Living in the desert doesn't have the seasons like those in the midwest.

  2. You display so many gorgeous scenes here, both interior and ex. It's just sadistic;-)