Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Erik Satie, Gnosienne no.5 and travel

I really like this quiet piano music by Erik Satie.

In ten days, just a few days away, we will be flying to Rome, Eternal beauty, for a few days to visit with friends. Then we board our cruise to the Amalfi Coast unto Sicily and then Spain. We will continue our trip via an hotel-train from Seville to Paris and then on the EuroStar to London to see friends.

We have tickets to see the new exhibit on the life of Emperor Augustus, Pater Patriae, who died on 19 August 14 AD some 2000 years ago. Much of our traditions and laws in the Western World we owe to him.  On his death he became a god by a vote of the Senate of Rome.

There is also a new exhibit on Cleopatra who visited Rome but was never allowed to enter the City itself and lived in Trastevere, Romans did not like foreign potentates much and she was said to have bad morals, thus offending the matrons of Rome. There are many more wonderful exhibits, will see how many we can see while in the Citta Aeterna.

Rome's seaport is at Civitavecchia some 50 km away the old port of Ostia is no more since the airport is now located in that vicinity at Fiumicino. It takes about one hour to get there, so we will be staying in Trastevere which is closest to the exit out of Rome without having to cross the city.

We have not been to the Amalfi Coast so our first stop is Sorrento, then across to Trapani on the western tip of Sicily where they make excellent wines. A city we know well and where we have bought much wine in the past. Then we will sail for Barcelona, another city we know well and we wish to visit again the famous cathedral still under construction of Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926), La Sagrada Familia, it is spectacular architecture.

We will then sail down to the home town of the Borgia Family, Valencia then to Gibraltar and up the Guadalqivir River to Seville. We will leave the cruise at that point and proceed to Granada to see by night the Alhambra and its gardens.

Our hotel-train will take us to Madrid and on to Paris. Hotel-trains offer the same luxury as an hotel with full dining car and multi-course gourmet meals and wines. We will change in Paris for the Euro-Star which will take us to London via the Chunnel.

Looking forward to this wonderful trip and seeing so many friends in the process.


  1. The Amalfi coast will amaze even your experienced Italophile selves. Hope there's time for you to ascend to Ravello, see Klingsor's magic garden and the Villa Cimbrone above where Walton stayed, a quarter of a mile above the sea.

    Longing to see Trapani on our next Sicilian expedition. Looking forward to seeing you, albeit briefly, in London.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Have a fabulous time!

  3. Please say hello to the Borgias; I liked their video.