Saturday, 19 October 2013

Europa, the champagne cure.

We are just a few days away from our European Cruise and thinking of it next Sunday we will be in Rome, not a bad prospect.

We return to Rome for a few days to see our friends and to visit the City, as if we did not walk it enough in all the years we live there. But Rome, Eternal Beauty has always something to show. We have our tickets to the special exhibits we wish to see on Augustus and Cleopatra, he disliked her big time unlike his uncle Julius Caesar who liked her. We will also go to see the Domus Romane a roman house under the Valentini Palace discovered and restored. Patrician house from antiquity in central Rome. Not to mention going to our favourite restaurants for Roman cuisine and great wines and real coffee.

 Museum of Modern Art

 Pyramid of Caius Cestius, Tribune of the People and gate of St-Paul

View of the Roman Forum
Piazza Spagna

Official Entrance to the Holy See

 The Museum of the Villa Borghese 

The Altar to the Nation, Piazza Venezia, the largest marble monument in the world.

The Fountain of the Turtles, a personal favourite, built for Muzio Mattei on a design by Giacomo della Porta in 1581 with sculptures by Taddeo Landini. 


  1. How excited you two must be!
    Good Journey!
    I am mad-jealous; I wish I were going.

    1. We invited you to come, you decided not to. What a shame, I am stuck now to drink all the champagne by myself.

    2. Oh, you probably don't know any of the good stuff. Alas, I am not there to instruct you and steer you away from the rubbish.

    3. well it will be all on your head then.

  2. I can't believe my luck on that last 24 visit to be pitched up on a bus at the Pyramid of Cestius and visit - on relatively rare opening - my favourite corner, the English Cemetery. Save up La Grande Bellezza for your return, and be even more nostalgic. Surprised how strong a pull I feel when I see those photos.

    London exhibition you should see - I haven't yet but want to - on your brief visit, maybe an obvious choice: the Vienna !900 portraits.