Sunday, 13 October 2013

L'Action de Grâce, Dimanche 13 Octobre 2013

Today is Thanksgiving Sunday in Canada a celebration which comes to us from the end of the First World War in 1918. The Nation was thankful for Peace after a devastating war where 10% of the Canadian population of 8 million had gone to war in Europe. It gradually with the years became by the 1950's a Thanksgiving for the Harvest and the bounty that is Canada.

We went with our friends from Britain, J, G, and E to Merrickville on the Rideau Canal which is about 30 minutes away from Ottawa on Hwy 416 South.  A delightful little village of 9,000 people and a former site of great 18th century industries. The town was founded by Mr. Merrick an American turned Loyalist for the King George III in 1790. He was apparently dissastified with taxation in the New US Republic and the so-called Representation. So he migrated North and the King rewarded him with a generous land grant as he did with thousands of Americans who recanted their evil ideas of Republicanism.

Today beautiful stone buildings grace this small town and there are quite a few good restaurants.
It was another beautiful hot sunny day, very summer like for mid-October. We had a great traditional turkey lunch with all the trimmings including spicy squash soup and pumpkin pie at the Baldachin Inn on Saint-Laurent street a former 19th century department store turned Hotel. We then went shopping in the numerous boutiques on this main street. Bought some very nice mustards from Mrs. McGarrigle, home made jams, a jar of Fig Compote and Natural Soy wax candles made in Perth the next village in the valley which give scents of Mystic wood, Ginger Lime, Cinnamon. We also bought cheese, a St-Elizabeth Blue from Quebec which is truly wonderful and a Yorkshire Wesleydale and a sharp cheddar Cheese.

They have a lot of music festivals in Merrickville and a very nice outdoor Christmas Market on December 7. It is also cottage country and very peaceful area. Just the perfect spot for lunch or an afternoon in the Ottawa valley.

 Stone buildings along St-Lawrence street, Merrickville, Ontario

 Rapids on the Rideau River at Merrickville.

 United Church and Baldachin Inn in Merrickville

Rideau Canal locks next to the Rideau River, the canal was built in 1827 to 1832 by the Royal Engineers. It starts in Ottawa and goes south towards Kingston on Lake Ontario, a distance of 200 Km.


  1. A charming town in which to spend an afternoon!

  2. what lovely photos! thank you for sharing them.

  3. a very very happy thanksgiving to you..