Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Wir wünschen Ihnen PROSIT NEUJAHR!!

This is an portion of the New Year Concert broadcasted each year by the Austrian Radio Service, ORF. This year with the broadcasting of the concert, the dance-waltz portion was filmed at the Shönbrunn Palace, which just completed a 20 year renovation project at a cost of 682 Million Euros.

This concert comes every year from the Golden hall of the Musikverein in Vienna, in 2013 we  celebrate the bicentennial of Verdi and Richard Wagner. The concert today under the baton of  Franz Welser-Möst, General Music Director of the Vienna State Opera, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic. This concert is somewhat different from previous years with pieces by Verdi and Wagner and the Strauss Family of course. I re-worked this entry since publication; Correction, I have now learned that the Blue Danube and the Radetsky March are not part of the usual programme and are an encore, some broadcasters may not carry these encore pieces.

It also seems to me that there are more modest floral arrangements compared with past years, last year they were lavish if not extravagant. Nonetheless they are beautiful. If you wish to attend this yearly event you can do so by going to the site of the ORF.


You must register between January 2 and 23 at the site if you wish to purchase tickets. Tickets are drawn by lot. Lucky winners will be notified at the end of March and details given on how to complete the purchase. Tickets are fairly expensive to this prestigious concert.

 Josef Strauss, Hesperus' Paths Waltz.

Finally after reviewing again the Concert and comparing it with other years, I am left somewhat not as happy with this year's edition. The conductor FWM leaves me somewhat indifferent in his style of conducting. So I am wondering is this concert becoming a little too commercial? I should point out that there are other New Year Concerts in the world, one my attention was brought too is the Capodanno Concert from La Fenice Opera House in Venice.

In the end it remains beautiful music.


  1. Gosh, it was dull this year: why the big posts (Vienna, Cleveland) for elegant but cold-blooded FWM? Not without its curiosities, of course - the Don Carlo ballet snippet put some of the Strausses' stuff in the shade. And it did end with the Radetzky March - perhaps it's because the two obligatory encores (that and the Blue Danube) are never officially listed.

    Prosit neujahr to you two.

    1. David, thank you for the clarification. Yes it was a bit dull compared to other years. They seem to be obliged to make this reference to Wagner and Verdi. I do not know why really, the concert is about more the moment, the New Year Day. Otherwise it becomes just another concert.