Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Winter Post from the frozen North

We are in January and it is snowing, the Rideau Canal is open in the section from Pretoria Bridge to Bank street bridge for skating, a distance of 2.3 Km. It's cold and frankly I don't like it.
Nicky and Nora love to run in the snow and stick their noses in the white stuff.
I had a very bad fall on Wednesday, we were going to dinner and walking in the parking area was difficult, thick polished ice is very dangerous and one wrong step and you are sent flying. This is what happened, I took one step and my left foot slipped I landed on my left side very hard on the ice using my arm to break my fall. My left arm and shoulder are still sore and sensitive, however did not break anything and no bruises. My doctor told me that I was very lucky, broken wrists and damaged shoulders are hard to mend. My art class presentation on behalf of the National Gallery of Canada was cancelled this week, labour trouble between the Ontario government and the teachers is playing havoc with our presentations this year.

I have also been reading a lot lately, several books friends recommended, love to read on Kindle. I will write a review of what I have been reading later.

I have been staying close to home, going out for errands but that is it. Puppies keep me company, I think that dogs purpose in life is to amuse us by clowning around. Nicky and Nora always appear to think of something to do to make us smile. Their birthdays is coming up in February, they will be 4 years old, amazing how time goes by quickly.

Yesterday was a bright sunny day and of course Nick the beach boy, like any good hound wants to lie in the sunshine, he will lie there on the carpet for hours not moving, only getting up for a little drink of water. He just loves the sunlight, I think it is his therapy to counter the dark winter days.

This photo was taken in Rome in 2010, I am holding Nicky and Will has little Nora.

Nicky on his blanket in Ottawa this week.

Nora peering from under the blanket, she has an Old Testament look about her.



  1. Yes, an Old Testament look indeed, LOL! Moses perhaps? Glad you didn't break anything in that fall you had -- ice is a bitch.

  2. More like Jeremiah, on a good day.

    1. I did not know Jeremiah had good days. LOL!!!

  3. I love these photos. All 4 of you are just gorgeous. Are those wine racks in the background of Old Testament dog?
    That reminds me of the Eddie Izzard routine. Woof, woof I say onto you.

    omg Nicky and Nora are just so cute.