Saturday, 22 December 2012

Risqué Xmas Song

Back in the late 1950's lots of Christmas Season songs became more hip and Jazzed up. This one was considered naughty and risqué. Those were the days of women at home, housewives and busy with running the home and the kids, while the husband went to work in the City. This little song implies that mom is having an affair with Santa, and why not he's got all the gifts from Tiffany's and the Mink stole or a nice Cadillac. The kids spied on her and frankly do not seem to care as long as they get their gifts.

Listening to it 50 years later, it sounds pretty silly and funny. It seems that Christmas was fun back then and no one made too much of a fuss about being stressed out or kids on whatever. This was also before  the nonsense about Happy Holidays. Back then it was the Christmas Season and Christmas was all over the world. Ah, a simpler time. There were Xmas Cocktails, stiff drinks, lots of good food, remember Executive Chef Helen Corbitt (1906-1978) of Neiman Marcus, Zodiac Room fame, her recipes were the best, no diets or silly food allergies. Her book was dedicated to the men in her life.

In her time Helen Corbitt was the premier American Chef, The Chicago Tribune described her as the Balenciaga of Food, her food was loved by President Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird. She was often described as the Best Cook in Texas. She won many prestigious food awards.

I like a lot of what Helen Corbitt called Meals from the Emergency Shelf,

Frozen Strawberries in Orange Juice add a little Champagne.
Creamed Chicken over a Cheese Soufflé
Broiled Prunes, Peaches and Pear halves
Melba toast

or her Dinner menu
Hot chicken livers sautéed in wine served with a nice cocktail in the Living room
Baked Ham glazed with jelly
Rum Flambéed Sweet Potatoes
Corn Muffins
Assorted relishes
Chilled Pears with Melba Sauce

She also gives in her book what should be in that Emergency Shelf of yours.
Beats processed fast-food any day in my book.

If you can find that book, her recipes are priceless and classics.

I saw Mommy kiss Santa Claus by the Ronettes. Quelle Scandale!!!!!


  1. I prefer the gay version "I saw Daddy kissing Santa Claus"

    1. I don't think I ever heard that one. LOL!!!

  2. I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus sounds rather tame these days, especially since I have heard variations on it far more ribald.

    1. Yes this is what I am told, but I am too innocent to know any better.

  3. Hey Laurent, I talk about Grumpy Cat's origins on my blog post of Dec 3 if you want to check it out!