Monday, 24 December 2012

Mon beau Sapin, Roi des Fôrets, Christmas Eve

This Christmas song, O Tannenbaum, O Christmas Tree, was a traditional song at my grandfather's home and it was sung each year by my Aunt Fernande. It was her song and she had the voice, despite her age to give us children a beautiful rendition of it. She sang it in French which translates to Mon beau Sapin Roi des Fôrets. A Sapin in French is the green pine tree used as the Christmas tree, king of all Forests.  The introduction of the Christmas tree in Canada will come only as of 1765, when the Military Governor of Sorel, a small city near Montreal will make one for his home, he was from Switzerland and working for the English King. This tradition was unknown during the French Regime (1534-1763) in Canada this being a Germanic tradition.

Here is the Robert Shaw Chorale with a nice rendition of this song in German and English.


  1. I hope you and Will are having a wonderful Christmas Eve!