Saturday, 10 November 2012

London shopping

London retains all the flair of a great city when it comes to shops, is it not said that Britain is a Nation of shopkeepers. Service and Courtesy is the hallmark of the British shop. I love to go to Jermyn Street to shop, Fortnum and Mason is located on that street, they have a wonderful restaurant and so are many other shops like shirtmaker Pinks or for wonderful cheese Paxton and Whitfield. Even if you buy nothing it is well worth to look at the shops windows.

Gentlemen's wear.

Beautiful cravats, shirts, vests, cufflinks, etc...

 the selection is truly gratifying

Gentlemen's silk bathrobes


  1. I think the men's clothes are much more attractive then the women's clothes...

    bonnie has gotten tired of you taking your time making a West trip...she's found her a fellow..she told me today 'i have a boy friend..I said is it the one at the bbq she said yes he sat right by me and he sits by me all the time..he's really smart..has a degree in some shit.'...I love bonnie

    1. I am so jealous, you tell Bonnie not fair.

  2. I still link 'British' with good men's clothes; I long for when males once again value dressing well. everyone is a slop here in AZ.